Technical support and common issues

    Binary App Dev
    By Binary App Dev

    Are you having difficulty accessing All-in-one Internet Search? Here are some common issues:

    --Inability to access All-in-one Internet Search and the presence of an error

    There could be many causes. If you cannot access icons when downloading apps or you are having difficulty accessing the website itself it is likely that your IP has triggered a false positive in our firewall. A false positive could mean that you should not be blocked but because of some previous activity (by you or others) the IP you are using has been blacklisted. One way to remedy this issue is to change your IP and the issue should resolve itself. Our firewall serves many purposes including protecting you, the user. There are instances where there are false positives.

    --Government interference has led to All-in-one Internet Search being blocked in your country

    If you have difficulty accessing All-in-one Internet Search from your home country (due to censorship or other reasons), we suggest changing your IP so that you are connected through a country which will allow access to our apps/websites. Although we are aware of several countries where users have had difficulty accessing our services, there is not much we can do on our end to remedy this issue since you are being blocked on your end.

    --You have checked all your settings, changed your IP, and scanned your device for any software issues: yet you are still experiencing issues

    Our website(s) could be down due to maintenance or network issues. Please check our updates page to see if your country has any network maintenance going on. Any outages should be brief as we work diligently to get our services back online whenever we detect issues.