Athena: Personal Assistant Voice Search feature with All-in-one Internet Search

    Binary App Dev
    By Binary App Dev

    Athena is your new personal assistant! Voice search is here! What is it and how to use it: Voice search allows you to speak into your microphone and search All-in-one Internet Search as if it was your personal assistant. Simply tap the microphone button on the search field in the menu bar. Once activated (you must approve the request to access your microphone), you can begin to speak your request into the microphone.

    The voice search feature will automatically detect when your voice request ends and automatically enter the search terms for you. Auto-search!

    What are the privacy implications?

    The voice search feature uses your computer or mobile device to process the voice to text. Therefore, none of the processing is done on our end. There is no stored recording of your microphone request and your computer processor determines what you said. This makes our voice search feature highly accurate and privacy conscious. Try it today!