All-in-one Internet Search Integration / Installation Guide

    Binary App Dev
    By Binary App Dev

    We have had many requests from our users to compile a user guide to help them understand how to use All-in-one Internet Search as well as install All-in-one Internet Search into their browser. These are excellent suggestions and we thank our users for reminding us to spend some time compiling such guides.

    In this post we will provide directions for users to install All-in-one Internet Search and access our apps. This post will be updated frequently.

    The two main browsers in the market are Firefox and Chrome, so we will be focusing our guide on these browsers. There are two main ways one can integrate a search engine into their browser, natively and through an app or extension. Native integration will set our search engine within the omni bar of the browser you use so that when you enter a term within the omni bar you will be automatically directed to our search engine. This native integration also creates a [search with] option in the right click menu.

    How to install All-in-one Internet search engine natively in Chrome:

    (1) Select the chrome menu button then click the settings menu

    (2) Locate the search section (the fourth in the list)

    (3) Click manage search engines

    (4) Go to add a search engine

    (5) Type All-in-one Internet Search into the [add a new search engine] field / Type into the keyword field / Type into the URL field

    (6) Once you have entered the engine add it then hover over the new listing and select [make default] Your native chrome integration is now complete.

    Chrome extensions integration:

    We provide a link on our dev site (Binary App Dev) that will automatically install an extension so that you can integrate our search feature into your browser menu.

    Firefox integration:

    We provide many Firefox add-ons that allow you to customize and organize your All-in-one engines. Use the link on Binary App Dev to access some of our add-ons. This will integrate our engine using open search and populate the Firefox search feature that allows you to select your engines. Visit our add-ons page and locate our search add-ons (not the toolbars). Once you find the one you like request to install it into Firefox. Firefox will then ask if you would like to make this your default engine. Check the box asking if you would like to make it your default search engine. This completes the native integration for Firefox.

    For more detailed installation guides (which include Safari) visit the following websites:



    Thanks for using All-in-one Internet Search!