The Evolution of All-in-one Internet Search

    Binary App Dev
    By Binary App Dev

    We are always trying to make All-in-one Internet Search faster, with better performance for the end-user. Today we are introducing our desktop dashboard (some features also available on our mobile sites).

    What is the desktop dashboard?

    It is simple but convenient: Instead of using our website by navigating from webpage to webpage you simply load the main page or frontpage without ever leaving it. You simply type in your queries and our algorithms pre-populate the search menu (Live Type and Search Ideas). You click these options that appear and are taken to the selection in a new tab. In addition to this feature we have implemented a streaming feed of news, social, video, and other activity. This allows you to keep a live view of trends online while having quick access to your next search, all while staying on the same page.Thanks for your continued support!